Registration Resources

One way or another, the act of registering to vote begins with someone deciding that getting registered is something they truly want to do. Sometimes people get to that decision on their own, but other times its because of a meaningful conversation they had with a family member, friend, coworker, OR (you guessed it!) a volunteer at a voter registration event.

That last one can sometimes be the most difficult because it involves two perfect strangers, so we’ve assembled a set of field-related tools to equip you with everything you’ll need to turn clipboards and conversations into newly registered voters.

Field Organizing Toolkit

Get Ready to Register


Voter Registration 101 Guide

A Crash Course in Registering Voters


Tips for Talking to Voters

Make the Most of Your Interaction


Holiday Planning Checklist

Get Ready for the Big Day


Voter Registration Tally Sheet

Keep Count of Your Registrations


2023 State by State Voter Registration Guides

Register Quickly and Efficiently with These Tools

Find Your State