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National Voter Registration Day 2024 will be September 17

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Whether you’re new to the world of registering voters or you’re a National Voter Registration Day veteran, everyone can use a little help getting their friends, family, and broader community registered to vote. Check out our library of Resources and Materials for tips on everything from talking face-to-face with potential voters to knowing the laws about voter registration in your state.

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We’ve got a whole new line of originally designed merch to let the world know you’re #VoteReady in style. And the best part? A portion of every purchase goes toward supporting the work of the on-the-ground partners that make the National Voter Registration Day holiday possible.


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Getting registered to vote is just the FIRST step in getting #VoteReady! Making a plan to vote, knowing what’s on the ballot, or providing time off for your employees so they can vote are all part of what comes next to ensure everyone has their voice heard at the ballot box.

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