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2020 Final Report

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National Voter Registration Day 2020 Report

Thanks to people and organizations like YOU — this holiday is the BIGGEST on record with an estimated 1.5 million voter registrations! Check out the Interim 2020 Report for a complete  breakdown of exactly how awesome this year’s celebration was!

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#VoteReady Profile: Cleveland VOTES

Cleveland VOTES had a voter registration plan all mapped out and then March 2020 happened. See how this organization created success DESPITE the COVID-19 pandemic.


National Voter Registration Day (9/28/21) is in

We found the ORIGINAL cut of the 1977 Star Wars movie and we were pleasantly surprised by how politically aware Darth Vader was initially depicted. Here is a scene when he discover his colleague is hiding something. #Maythe4thBeWithYou #StarWarsDay

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Getting registered to vote is just the FIRST step in getting #VoteReady! Making a plan to vote, knowing what’s on the ballot or providing time off for your employees so they can vote is all part of what comes next to ensure everyone has their voice heard at the ballot box.

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