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National Voter Registration Day is excited to celebrate our 10-year anniversary on September 20, 2022! And for our anniversary, we want to our Partners to apply for an event grant to bolster your voter registration event and celebrate the holiday in style! Get the lowdown on everything you need to know about event grants and apply today before the August 12 priory deadline!

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We’ve got a whole new line of originally designed merch to let the world know you’re #VoteReady in style. And the best part: every purchase of any tee shirt, hoodie, tote bag, or more goes to support the grassroots work of the on-the-ground partners that make the holiday possible.


If you don’t possess and cannot reasonably obtain one of the 7 forms of approved photo IDs, you can still vote. Simply fill out a Reasonable Impediment Declaration and present an alternate form of ID. More information at #VoteReady #VoteTexas

When’s the next election you ask? August 23! Don’t be caught by surprise and make a plan to vote! Find Election information here:
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60% of eligible voters are never asked to register. You don’t have that excuse. Register now!

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Getting registered to vote is just the FIRST step in getting #VoteReady! Making a plan to vote, knowing what’s on the ballot or providing time off for your employees so they can vote is all part of what comes next to ensure everyone has their voice heard at the ballot box.

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