Sept. 23, 2014 :

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National Voter registration Day

Celebrating democracy in America.

Join the national holiday
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    • "I vote because it is a right that has been historically denied to women and communities of color. It gives us power to voice our stance on policies that impact our communities."

      • Jasmine Lee


    • "I vote because I believe in America. My family and I see our vote as the best way to make our voice heard in our amazing democracy."

      • Rashaun Holliman
    • "I vote because I want to have a say in government! Without a vote, how would anyone know what I want? My vote is my voice."

      • Marianna Stout


    • "I vote because it allows my voice to be heard. Voting is the easiest way for me to directly influence the decisions that affect my country."

      • Derek Deitsch


    • "I vote because I believe in the right of each individual to have his or her input into being governed. Vote on with conviction!"

      • Lola Garcia


    • "I vote because it is a simple and powerful act. Every individual, regardless of wealth or heritage, has the same opportunity to vote and create honest change."

      • Cheryl Graeve


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RT @VOTE411: Here's how youth said they registered to #vote during the last midterm election #CelebrateNVRD via @CivicYouth
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RT @LWVDE: Join me in Celebrating Democracy in America! National Voter Registration Day is 9/23. Get involved at #Ce
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RT @LWVDE: Have you moved since Election Day 2013? Make sure you're registered to vote at your new address! #Celebra
24 Oct
RT @LWVDE: #CelebrateNVRD "Light a candle instead of cursing the darkness." -- Eleanor Roosevelt
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