ATTENTION: If you are signing up AFTER September 12, you will need to download and print 2019 posters and stickers by CLICKING HERE.

The Agreement

By submitting the form, you agree to the following affirmation that you as an individual and your organization or business will abide by these standards. Thank you for your participation in this movement.

  • I agree not to represent a candidate or party while participating in National Voter Registration Day.
  • I agree that I will provide a registration application for anyone who requests one—regardless of party or candidate preference.
  • I agree not to pressure or induce someone to register, nor will I promise or give anything of value in exchange for a voter registration application.
  • I agree that I will contact my statewide or local election official before registering voters to ask about how best to conduct a voter registration drive, and that I will conduct all my volunteer voter registration activities in accordance with the applicable state laws.
  • I agree to return all voter registration applications to the proper elections board or to my National Voter Registration Day representative within 48hrs of receiving a completed voter registration form or sooner if necessitated by state law.

Further, in order to honor and celebrate the nonpartisan purpose of the day, we ask all partners to refrain from any partisan candidate or issue advocacy messaging activity in its communications about National Voter Registration Day, and focus on the common goal of helping people register to vote.

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