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Making Your 2019 Event a Success

National Voter Registration Day is just around the corner — September 24. You may have missed these webinars when they were live but you can still watch to see expert speakers provide tips and insights on how to make your event visible, well-attended, and highly successful.

WEBINAR RECAP: Practice Makes Perfect — Learn to Talk to Voters and Train Volunteers

Talking to people about voting can feel scary, risky, or awkward, but it doesn’t have to be. In this webinar, we’ll cover how to approach people, conversation starters, what to avoid, and how to train the people handling registration forms.

WEBINAR RECAP: Promote Your Event!

In this August 27 webinar we covered how to promote your event using National Voter Registration Day tools and messaging. We’ll cover social media campaigns, promoting your event locally, and using the registration event tool to attract more voters with presenters Caitlin Donnelly and James Hill.


WEBINAR RECAP: Planning Your Event!

In this August 8 webinar we covered a week-by-week planning schedule to make sure your event is a success. The video outlines how to build a team, set goals, recruit volunteers, gather your supplies, and engage voters. Special thanks to our sponsors, Creative Artists Agency and Google, as well as our guest speaker Mike Burns from Fair Elections Center. View the slides here.