2021 National Voter Registration Day Partner Agreement (September 28)

By submitting this form, your organization agrees to:

  • Nonpartisanship: Remain positive and nonpartisan in all activities, and not represent a candidate or party while participating in National Voter Registration Day.
  • Equal access: Provide a registration application to anyone who requests one—regardless of party or candidate preference, or any other factors.
  • Non-transactional: Not pressure or force anyone to register, and not give individuals anything of value in exchange for taking or completing a voter registration application.
  • Compliance with state legal frameworks: Conduct all voter registration activities in accordance with applicable state laws.
  • Timely submission of registration applications: Return all completed voter registration applications to the proper elections board or to a designated organizational point of contact within 48 hours of receiving a completed voter registration form or sooner if necessitated by state law.
  • Post-event survey: Fill out a post-event survey, detail the number of paper and online registrations collected, to help the National Voter Registration Day team assess the holiday’s impact.